“Do you think the writer’s block is a myth?”

If you say, ‘yes’, I agree. If you say, ‘no’, I agree as well. But, before that, isn’t it important to understand what do we mean when we say a writer’s block?

Most people refer to it as a situation where the writer has time, resources and a storyline but is unable to write it in words. Well, this is a phase and if we may call it, feel free to call it a writer’s block. But, the phase that it is is internal and exists because you as a writer are struggling.

In the past two months, there are 5 participants who have closed deals with traditional publishing houses and have credited the workshop for the same.

And if you are going through a similar phase, try any of these and feel energised to write again.

1. The Physical Writing Activity
Take a pen, take a paper, take a sticky note and put your phone on silent for 30 minutes. Even if you write on a digital mode, for now, just take a pen and paper. Then, start writing and don’t lift your pen. Take any random topic you want and start writing. After 30 minutes, you’ll see your brain picked up from the physical form of writing!

2. The 5-Word Challenge
It is said that words can motivate like nothing else. For the same, you can try this small approach to restart writing. Pick up any 5 words, build 5 sentences around them and then try creating a story by connecting these sentences. After an hour, you’ll be happy to find yourself connecting other dots and writing your story.

3. Memories
They say memories are essential for writing. I say, memories are writing itself. If you are stuck, pick up any 10 memories from your childhood and start writing stories with them. In no time, you will have loads to narrate about these stories.

These three are essential tricks and tips that I tried on myself, hope they work for you too!