Are you fond of stories?

Do you like reading tales?

Or do you like jotting your expressions?

Be it any of these, you would agree that a story is based on three major pillars, namely: Plot, Characters and Description.


If your story is the idea, the plot is the flesh and blood for the story. Jotting down each detail into the story, a plot creates a path for the writer. To have a strong story, a plot is a must. As a writer, you could divide the plot into three main aspects:

  • Main Plot or the theme
  • Sub Plot or the chapter themes
  • Sub-sub plots or the underlying layers to the chapters

Together, these three make for an interesting story. Remember, your plot becomes the leader and description follows it to create a trail.


Most writers feel that characters are the soul of any story. They are right. Until you have a character that is interesting, who would want to read a story. Therefore, creating layered, interesting and deep characters automatically becomes important.

A tip on creating characters is that use your knowledge about a character to create him/ her/ other. Always know your character inside-out before writing about them.


The third pillar basically joins the plot and characters. Imagine you have a brilliant story. You also have a brilliant character but both of them are brilliant in isolation. Would a reader enjoy reading two intriguing parts of a story in isolation or one story that has a brilliant connect between them?

Of course, the latter. And that is what description does for you. It binds the characters in the plot and weaves a strong narrative for the story.

And, if you feel you can create a story with these three strong pillars, well, join Write It Down today. Let’s create stories together!